Timelapse Experiment – Searchlights

Another timelapse experiment – Brisbane has installed some giant searchlights and laser shows for Riverfire – part of the Brisbane festival. We have a direct line of site to the Brisbane CBD so before collapsing into bed I set the camera up for a two hour timelapse. The effect is rather interesting. Tonight they will be doing the fireworks, should be interesting to see what we can see then!

Timelapse Experiment #2

Last time I tried a timelapse experiment it was mostly hampered by the fact I was doing the shots manually. Now I have a proper intervalometer for my camera I decided to test it out. This is the first use of the device, a simple 1 hour timelapse with one photo taken every minute. Condensed that down into a short 10 second video (6 frames a second) and you get this result. True it’s not the most exciting timelapse of all time but it does mean I do have the tools to move forward and try out some more interesting experiments.

Timelapse Challenge: Brisbane Fog

As part of the Photo Challenge Year I have set myself I need to do at least ten photography related challenges. The year is almost half over and I’ve finally got myself into gear to do the first one which is – timelapse. Today I made my first attempt at this as Brisbane was hit by an unusually heavy fog. Sitting on the balcony I took photos once every 5 minutes for an hour or so and transcribed them into this video.

This is only the first attempt and I learnt a few valuable lessons from it. Namely that I really need a intervalometer to handle the timing and to better setup the timelapse to provide even exposure. In the video you can see as the sun becomes visible the photos becoming overexposed and much darker than I had hoped.

I don’t count this as achieving the timelapse challenge just yet but it’s given me a good idea on what I need to do to get there.