Boom Crash Lightning

After nearly two years of nothing in terms of storm in Brisbane we finally had a very serious storm over the weekend.

A series of super cells, that is extremely volatile and unpredictable storm cells, rolled over the city bringing with them short but very intense periods of wind gusts, deluges of rain/hail and lightning. So. Much. Lightning.

I love the challenge of taking good shots of lightning, my favoured technique is setting up a long exposure (somewhere between 1 to 4 seconds depending on light conditions) and let an intervalometer do the rest.

Typically this will result in 900-1200 shots of which I might get half-dozen decent captures (lightning being unpredictable as it is) and from that maybe two good shots in total. These two are my favourites from the weekend.

2009 Retrospective With Photography

Thought I’d look back through my collection of photographs from 2009 and pick out a few highlights. 2009 was a very good year for me with a lot of travel and personal achievements. I’m glad I took photographs along the way.  According to my archive I took some 50,000 photos this year. Not all of them were good, a lot are duplicate shots of the same thing but basically everywhere I went so did the camera.

Early in 2009 I took a holiday to the United States – spent time with friends in California and Florida before heading off on y own to New York city and Washington D. C – I had an absolute blast.

Spaceship Earth at night

Some sort of vulture/condor at the Naional Zoo

Can't go to the USA and not take a picture of the flag - at Liberty Isle

I got sent to New Zealand for 3 days for work. It was pretty much raining the entire time I was there but on the last day we got a break in the weather and paid a quick visit to the local botanical gardens.

Just love the colours in this shot

In a complete surprise I ended up heading back the United States for another work trip. This was a fantastic geek out because I got to visit both the Microsoft and Google campuses (I can comprehensively say the Google one is better). It ended up with a week-long stay in Las Vegas with a quick side trip to the Grand Canyon.

Being a bit of  a fanboi with the giant droid

The Valley of Fire not far from Las Vegas

Finally I’ve had the chance to take some fantastic photos a lot closer to home. Here’s a small selection of my favourites.

Inquistive python attemptng to crawl into my macro lens

Lucky macro shot of a fly

Striking across the sky

Very, very pink

MJ came back briefly to take part in the Brisbane Ziombie Walk