Best Photos Of 2012

Gold on blue

This post is part of the very excellent ‘Your Best Photos From 2012” blog project run by Jim M. Goldstein, a very worthy project to be involved in to get your photos seen and also to see amazing photos from other photographers from around the world. This show cases some of the ones I feel are my best for the year of 2012.

The one above is by far one of the best macro shots I’ve ever managed to take out in the world. A confluence of luck, timing and strategy all came together to make this one happen. The bright blue background was not added in post but rather is a piece of blue card held behind the insect as it rested on the wire.

2012 was a big year for me photographically. Half way through I finally bit the bullet and switched from Olympus to Canon – a very painful and expensive change but unfortunately the Olympus love affair with very small cameras left me without an upgrade path (the otherwise very technically excellent OM-D EM-5 is too small for me to hold comfortably).

Part of the switch was going to a full frame sensor (Canon 5D Mark 3) and I’m still going through the exceptionally large learning curve with this. As a result of this and a few other life changes it feels like I’ve taken less photos this year or at least I’m being far more fussy about which ones I’m willing to share.

Explosion of Light

This was a fun long exposure shot of the Santos City Of Lights event during the Brisbane Festival.

Waiting... waitingThis is a macro shot of a White Crab Spider waiting for an unwitting victim to come along.

Streaming plasma

I had a fun time capturing macro shots of a plasmaball in the dark and using them to learn more about post processing in Adobe Lightroom.

Fade to black

A silhouette shot of the Brisbane city skyline at dusk that happened almost entirely by accident.

Mayfly Yoga

A mayfly that posed beautifully for the camera.


I did a really fun series of LEGO minifigs in the fog shots using dry ice. This is by far my favourite one so far.

The sky burnsThe sky turns into a gorgeous burning pit of roiling clouds.

Just RestingThe shed skin of a huntsman spider sites serenely in a bright orange flower.

Sitting in the darkFinally a macro shot of a tiny insect taken using a new technique using a portable softbox and turned out better than I could have hoped.

Boom Crash Lightning

After nearly two years of nothing in terms of storm in Brisbane we finally had a very serious storm over the weekend.

A series of super cells, that is extremely volatile and unpredictable storm cells, rolled over the city bringing with them short but very intense periods of wind gusts, deluges of rain/hail and lightning. So. Much. Lightning.

I love the challenge of taking good shots of lightning, my favoured technique is setting up a long exposure (somewhere between 1 to 4 seconds depending on light conditions) and let an intervalometer do the rest.

Typically this will result in 900-1200 shots of which I might get half-dozen decent captures (lightning being unpredictable as it is) and from that maybe two good shots in total. These two are my favourites from the weekend.

Dark Skies – Starry Night Experiments

Recently I went on holiday to Victoria and spent a night at our property in the mountains. It was a fantastically clear and crisp night with an almighty view of the stars. I decided to try and get some shots. What I got aren’t super great but you can clearly see the stars and the cloud of the Milky Way. I only had a single night to try it out but the results were such that I really want to give it another go. Below are a few other shots from the night.