The First 100mm Walk

A few weeks ago my beloved Sigma 150mm macro lens stopped working during a photo walk. The lens elements refused to move either to the AF motor or the manual focus ring. Aperture control still worked but it was now effectively a fixed focal point lens. Fortunately it is covered under warranty so off to be repaired it goes.

However I hear back it may take over a month to repair and in the meantime we are entering the best critter hunting time there is for this area of the world and I for one am unwilling to mix out on it. I opted to go for a mid range macro lens in the form of a Canon 10mm f/2.8 L macro which I had read many good reviews about.

Over the weekend I took it out for a test spin in the local gardens and got the following shots.

Photo Trip: Brisbane Zombie Walk 2011

And so it came to pass that the undead hordes descended on Brisbane to march through it’s heart demanding brains and donations to the Brain Foundation of Australia. It was a huge event that was aiming to break the world record on most zombies in one place, so far there’s been no official word on if that record was made but it did seem like there were a lot more shuffling creatures this year than previous.

It was, as always, a hell of a lot of fun. I normally don’t take photos of people but since zombies are ex-people this works out nicely. None of these photos are award winners but they do show the inventiveness and spirit of the attendees to this fine charity event.

Huge thanks to the Brisbane Zombie Walk organisational team, the police that oh so patiently dealt with hundreds of zombies screaming for brains in the CBD (it was actually a scarily impressive moment) and of course the hundreds of zombies themselves of all types including many children and pets.

My personal favorite of the day was the Mr Squiggle zombie, complete with the words “I told you to hurry up” written on blood on his back. A fantastic Australian pop culture reference, I for one sir salute you for your brilliant concept.

Below are some of my favorite shots from the day but you can find the full gallery here (118 photos). Happy to provide full copy originals to those that ask.





Photo Trip: The Windy Walk

Saturday was an incredibly windy day in Brisbane but I decided to go for a photo trip anyway and I’m glad I did. These are some of the better shots I got during the day.

The shots of this butterfly were a lot of fun. Between the extreme wind and the butterflies ability to move without notice I’m surprised I came out with any decent shots at all.

And now just a few flowers…