Dark Skies – Starry Night Experiments

Recently I went on holiday to Victoria and spent a night at our property in the mountains. It was a fantastically clear and crisp night with an almighty view of the stars. I decided to try and get some shots. What I got aren’t super great but you can clearly see the stars and the cloud of the Milky Way. I only had a single night to try it out but the results were such that I really want to give it another go. Below are a few other shots from the night.


Experiments In Bokeh

Brisbane CBD all askew

I’ve added a new challenge to my Photo Challenge Year list – custom bokeh shots. Basically using a simple shaped cover (in this early experiment a triangle) you can get a little artsy with how the background blur on your photographs look.

The shot above is looking from our balcony into the Brisbane CBD with the lens purposefully unfocused to enhance the bokeh effect. The image below is using the same idea except facing towards South Bank.

More experimentation on this to come. If you want to know how to do this sort of thing yourself have a look at this video over at Make magazine.

South Bank a little more triangular than usual

USA Trip 2010: New York City

View of New York City at night from our hotel roof

Ah New York City, the second stop on our USA 2010 trip. Normally I’m not a big city person but I must profess a certain fondness for NYC or at least the inner Manhattan part. This was my second time in  NYC and it was much warmer & wetter than the previous visit (Feb 2009). For the first four of the five days it rained, limiting a lot of our sight-seeing but we still got a lot done – Central Park Zoo, American Museum of Natural History, The Apple Store (I don’t use Apple products but hey free wireless) and generally scoring as many New York specific Foursquare badges as we possibly could.

The last day was perfect clear skies and we crammed all we could into it – Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Centre), the Empire State Building, horse & carriage ride around Central Park and we even made it down to Battery Park within the intent of going to Liberty Island but the queue for the ferry was, well, insanely long. Rather than waste the rest of  our last beautiful day we decided to head off to Wall St & the financial district. As for the Statue of Liberty? Well we’ve just got an excuse to go back to New York don’t we?

The photo above is from the roof top of our hotel (The Pod Hotel – highly recommend it) and below is a small collection of other photos taken during our week stay there.

Grey skies Yes there are tanks of liquid nitrogen on the street. Everywhere Central Park is just so amazingly green

Opalised shell From the roof on our last sunny day Where money is made and lost every single day

The immense size of Central Park Old grave in the middle of the city Toucan at the Central Park Zoo