Best Photos Of 2013

Happy Bee
This year has been, well a quiet one for me and my camera. I’ve taken thousands of photos but not a hell of a lot I’m happy to share. But still it’s that time of year where the very excellent Jim Goldstein runs his popular “Your Best Photos from 2013” blog project and I still have a few photos I want to show off.

First one above is of a stupidly happy bee completed covered in pollen from the many flowers available to be feasted on in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Garden.

Flash mesmerised spider
Jumping spider being temporarily blinded by a ring flash. This year is the first time I’ve used a ring flash and there’s still a lot for me to learn here.

Large Butterfly
I spent a long time chasing this butterfly around until it finally landed to give me a clear shot.

Spider hiding in a cacti flower
Spider hiding within the petals of a cactus flower.

Moth waiting it out
Small moth hanging out on some purple flowers.

Spider having lunch
And finally a jumping spider enjoying lunch. I was very pleased with this shot as it was a very blustery day and many months before I had the ring flash.

Finally in an effort to bring back some creativity and inject some new ideas into my photography I’ll be doing a 365 project for 2014. It may well drive me insane but at least it should be entertaining. No specific theme, just an excuse to keep myself in the game.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Jim Goldstein’s blog for when he publishes the list of participating blogs as many excellent photographers send in some utterly amazing work.

Photo Trip: Critter Hunting


Last weekend I spent a day in one of my favourite areas to take photos in – The Brisbane City Botanic Gadens. The aim of this photo trip was to take macro shots but not fall into the trap of being side tracked by taking pictures of flowers. So I went critter hunting, looking for any and all little critters I could take photos of with the macro lens. Seems I got some good ones. Above is a picture of an army of caterpillars systematically stripping a leaf.

Nothing left but bones...

A leaf the same little guys had finished off earlier.

Green hopper

These grasshoppers are all over the gardens at the moment.


Fly having a bit of a rest.

So.. much.. pollen

This bee was very happy to stay in this flower for quite some time.

Tasty bug is tasty

Spider eating some unfortunate critter that had flown into its web.


Plenty of butterflies around at the moment. Because it was so warm it was hard to find one that would stop moving for a few seconds.

Itty bitty

Very, very small grasshopper.

Poised to jump

Small jumping spider out and hunting.

Bling fly

One of those awesome shiny flies.

A little tattered

A moth with some tattered wings.

In profile

Another moth but this one is in much better shape.

Best Photos Of 2010

This was a triumph...

This post is for Jim Goldstein’s blog project “Your Best Photos From 2010” – Essentially a collection of your best photos from 2010 and why there are the best for you.

The one above was part of the 365 Before Thirty project entitled “Gummi Portal“. To me this was my technically best shot. It required thinking about how to use light, what settings I should use for a pitch black shot.

Sky goes boom!

This one, entitled “Blast Wave“, was my favorite on-the-run shot and the reason I will always take my camera with me everywhere. It was taken walking towards the bus stop on the way home from work.


This is my favorite long exposure shot, a technique I’d like to play with more this year.


Probably by far my best macro shot from 2010 entitled “Serendipity“. I had great fun photographing this little guy in the limited time I had him in my hands.

Braaaaiiinnss... ice cold braaaiiiiins

This last one was just pure fun. “Cool Thinking” was done using a brain shaped ice cube mold, some red food dye and a lot of patience.

2010 was a good year , I learnt a lot and gained enough confidence to try harder things such as the Photo Challenge Year project. Bring on 2011 and a new series of challenges.