Planking In Space!

Shockingly dangerous!

Exclusive photo of dangerous planking move on top of the space shuttle! Shocking! How can we possibly allow people to do this!


Now we have an exclusive photo of planking on the moon! On a moving vehicle no less! Shocking!

These menaces must be stopped!

Some conspiracy theorists claim that was no moon planking and it was just planked at a studio in Roswell! Will we ever know the planking truth?

Seriously the medias obsession with planking stories border on the ridiculous. People don’t die or injure themselves from planking, they die and injure themselves by being twits which frankly happens with everything humans have done ever.

Moon Rise

NIce and clear

Whilst in New York City on our USA Trip 2010 we dropped into B&H Photo Video which has a reputation for being one of the best camera stores in the world. This reputation is well-earned: The store and staff were awesome, I can’t recommend them highly enough. I decided to finally buy my first proper super zoom lens – a basic model 70-300mm, f4.0-5.6. I’ve only had a few chances to use it so far but the one thing I’ve been hanging out for was the chance to take a shot of a nice full moon. I got that chance tonight as you can see above.

Below is a 1:1 cropped version of the image. The level of detail is fantastic. I’ve decided I really want to get my hand on a tele-convertor to get an even closer shot. I’m also experimenting with ISO, f-stop and shutter speed settings to get better shots of the moon as it’s not the easiest target in the sky.

Hi there neighbour