Timelapse Experiment – Searchlights

Another timelapse experiment – Brisbane has installed some giant searchlights and laser shows for Riverfire – part of the Brisbane festival. We have a direct line of site to the Brisbane CBD so before collapsing into bed I set the camera up for a two hour timelapse. The effect is rather interesting. Tonight they will be doing the fireworks, should be interesting to see what we can see then!


Repel annoying supermen

This is my entry for this weeks Digital Photography School Challenge “Light” – it’s actually an idea that’s been buzzing around my head for a while now, I just had an excuse to try it out.

The rock you see is not naturally green, nor does it fluoresce under UV or the like. It’s a chunk of amethyst crystal which you may remember from the shot “Shining Stone” back in 2009. What I did was to construct a little rig to aim a relatively high power green laser pointer at its base and take a photo of it whilst in a pitch black room.

I had spent the better part of a week thinking of how I would construct the rig running through ideas such as retort stand through to building something from LEGO. Then I figured out I was making it all a bit complex and this afternoon I constructed this very simple rig you see below:

Fire laser!

Simple and extremely effective. It’s made up of:

  • Black paper – making a funnel with the laser pointer in one end, crystal resting on the other. Hid the light source from view during the shot. Also ensure the beam struck the same point at all times.
  • Sticky tape to hold the paper together
  • Rubber band – not strictly needed and initially put on to hold the “fire” button down on the laser pointer put it proved to not be strong enough for that.
  • Foam disc – taken from a CD storage unit, it allowed the funnel to stand upright in the bottle
  • Bottle – to add some height to the structure and give the base more stability
  • Adjustable spanner – the crucial component. Initially added simply as a manner of “firing” the laser by slightly tightening and loosening the grip, it also turned out to be extremely good at giving the entire rig better stability.

There you go. Simple & fun shot made with no more than a handful of household items.

Best Photos Of 2010

This was a triumph...

This post is for Jim Goldstein’s blog project “Your Best Photos From 2010” – Essentially a collection of your best photos from 2010 and why there are the best for you.

The one above was part of the 365 Before Thirty project entitled “Gummi Portal“. To me this was my technically best shot. It required thinking about how to use light, what settings I should use for a pitch black shot.

Sky goes boom!

This one, entitled “Blast Wave“, was my favorite on-the-run shot and the reason I will always take my camera with me everywhere. It was taken walking towards the bus stop on the way home from work.


This is my favorite long exposure shot, a technique I’d like to play with more this year.


Probably by far my best macro shot from 2010 entitled “Serendipity“. I had great fun photographing this little guy in the limited time I had him in my hands.

Braaaaiiinnss... ice cold braaaiiiiins

This last one was just pure fun. “Cool Thinking” was done using a brain shaped ice cube mold, some red food dye and a lot of patience.

2010 was a good year , I learnt a lot and gained enough confidence to try harder things such as the Photo Challenge Year project. Bring on 2011 and a new series of challenges.