USA Trip 2010: Las Vegas

Fountains of the Bellagio at sunset

About a month ago we went for a little trip to the United States. First stop on that trip was the very hot, very brightly lit (at all times) city of Las Vegas. We stayed at the Luxor hotel which is the infamous pyramid-shaped hotel on the Las Vegas strip. We wouldn’t recommend the hotel as we found the staff pushy & vastly unhelpful. Having previously stayed at the Mirage in Las Vegas this came as a bit of a shock (I highly recommend the Mirage – more costly but much nicer).

The photo above is of the famous fountains in front of the Bellagio hotel on the strip. It’s about the only really unique outdoor show in Las Vegas that I like. The massive fountains dance & weave to a random selection of music and are quite fun to watch. We also took a day trip out over Hoover Dam and to the Grand Canyon National Park (the south rim not the tourist trap west rim – avoid that at all costs). Here’s a few other shots from this part of the trip.

Long exposure shot of the Luxor's stupidly large light Glass flower display in the Bellagio lobby Bellagio as the sun fades

Power lines at the Hoover Dam at sunset The amazing Grand Canyon Another shot of this amazing place