Veined Wings

Shot for the Digital Photography School “CLOSE UP” challenge. Since wildlife macro photography is something of a passion for me I loved this challenge. I found some wasps that were still covered in rain from the night before. This gave me an excellent chance to taking many macro photos of them as they were waiting to dry out and sitting perfectly still.

Because they were sitting so still and I was able to close down my aperture in order to increased the depth of field. This allowed for more of the critter to be in focus resulting on one of my most favorite shots yet. Very happy with it.



Nobody's home...

This was a shot taken last Thursday for the Digital Photography School’s “10 Minutes Walk from Your Door” challenge. I found a tree at my local park (which is just across the road) cover in these tiny cotton like bugs, many of which appear to have been gutted. From the research I’ve done they appear to be type of Scale Bug from the Pulvinaria genus.

Why so many of them appear to be gutted in this way is still a bit of a mystery to me and I’m currently doing some reading to find an answer. If you know, please leave a comment!

Update – Had some feedback from someone who knows a thing or two about insects. Firstly it appears they are in fact more likely to be Mealy Bugs from the Pseudococcidae family (related but not the same as scale bugs) and secondly the opinion is that due to the rather uniform split of the body this is likely the result of the bug moulting rather than being eaten.