Over the weekend I went for a photo walk in the City Botanic Gardens. Despite getting up early in a futile bid to beat the heat of the day I was soon overwhelmed by a high temperature and humidity (I am by nature a creature of far cooler climes than my current hometown).

As a result I only took 34 photos, most of them of this little guy who very patiently put with this annoying creature sticking a macro lens mere centimetres away from its face. I love the way this shot turned out and how it really shows what you can achieve with a shallow depth of field on a macro lens.

Boom Crash Lightning

After nearly two years of nothing in terms of storm in Brisbane we finally had a very serious storm over the weekend.

A series of super cells, that is extremely volatile and unpredictable storm cells, rolled over the city bringing with them short but very intense periods of wind gusts, deluges of rain/hail and lightning. So. Much. Lightning.

I love the challenge of taking good shots of lightning, my favoured technique is setting up a long exposure (somewhere between 1 to 4 seconds depending on light conditions) and let an intervalometer do the rest.

Typically this will result in 900-1200 shots of which I might get half-dozen decent captures (lightning being unpredictable as it is) and from that maybe two good shots in total. These two are my favourites from the weekend.

The First 100mm Walk

A few weeks ago my beloved Sigma 150mm macro lens stopped working during a photo walk. The lens elements refused to move either to the AF motor or the manual focus ring. Aperture control still worked but it was now effectively a fixed focal point lens. Fortunately it is covered under warranty so off to be repaired it goes.

However I hear back it may take over a month to repair and in the meantime we are entering the best critter hunting time there is for this area of the world and I for one am unwilling to mix out on it. I opted to go for a mid range macro lens in the form of a Canon 10mm f/2.8 L macro which I had read many good reviews about.

Over the weekend I took it out for a test spin in the local gardens and got the following shots.