Over the weekend I went for a photo walk in the City Botanic Gardens. Despite getting up early in a futile bid to beat the heat of the day I was soon overwhelmed by a high temperature and humidity (I am by nature a creature of far cooler climes than my current hometown).

As a result I only took 34 photos, most of them of this little guy who very patiently put with this annoying creature sticking a macro lens mere centimetres away from its face. I love the way this shot turned out and how it really shows what you can achieve with a shallow depth of field on a macro lens.

52 Critters: Critter #5 – Net-casting Spider

Fifth critter as part of the 52 Critters project:

Common Name: Net-casting Spider
Scientific Name: Deinopis subrufa
Critter found at: Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane, Australia

Found this guy hanging out in the rainforest area of the gardens. Normally they only have the entangling net out at dawn or dusk but I’m guessing it was shady enough in this area it felt comfortable hunting in the middle of the day.

Note the very large forward facing eye needed for accurate hunting with the net.

52 Critters: Critter #4 – Hibiscus Harlequin Bug

Fourth critter as part of the 52 Critters project:

Common Name: Hibiscus Harlequin Bug
Scientific NameTectocoris diophthalmus
Critter found at: City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane, Australia

These rather brilliantly coloured bugs are a common event in Brisbane and are most commonly found clustered on Hibiscus plants (thus the name). I’m not sure what the little hitchhiker critter is but it could possibly be a larval Harlequin Bug.

As a bonus here’s a photo of some tiny droplets sitting on a Hibiscus flower: