Best Photos Of 2014

Golden Stag Beetle

Another year done and alas not one as full of photography as I would have liked. However Jim Goldstein is once again running his “Your Best Photos” blog project and I do have a few I’m happy with.

The one above is a Golden Stag Beetle that flew onto our balcony just a few days before the end of the year. Was very co-operative with the camera although the iridescence turned out to be trickier to capture than I thought it would be.

Blue Bauble

New year, new lens. In 2014 I decided to get myself a circular fisheye lens as I’ve always wanted one. The Sigma 8mm fisheye lens was reasonably cheap and has been a steep learning curve. This shot was an early one of a domed walkway area in the Block Arcade, Melbourne.

The next three shots were from a failed attempt at a photo365 in 2014. I just didn’t have it in me to do it and will be looking for some other challenge this year which I can hopefully work around my life which is some flux at present.

ARRRRRRRRRFun little shot with some LEGO bits and pieces that turned out better than I expected.
Wool ButterflyA yarn bombed set of iron rods I found in one the many alley ways in the Melbourne CBD.

Shiny blurA macro shot of a masquerade mask with narrow depth of field that bokeh’d rather nicely.

Towards the end of the year I was fortunate enough to get enough time and spare cash together to head to Queenstown, New Zealand for Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk which was a fair bit of fun. The first of my two favourite from that trip was surprisingly not from my DSLR but rather my phone:

Hellllllo QueenstownAnd the other was of a plant making its way through the pebble beach on the lakes edge.

All Things StriveA few other shots from the year. First up a wasp resting on a leaf.

WaspA shot using a ring flash from my last photowalk of the year. I’m very pleased with how the detail of the insect came out.

Just restingAnd finally a shot from a lucky little walk I took on a whim where I happened to arrive in the gardens with frost still on the ground allowing for a really fun series of shots.

Frost flower found


Taking A Little Walk

Traipsing through the frost

After a long hiatus from taking photo walks I finally got my gear together over the last weekend and set off on a nice frosty morning to the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens with a little visitor.

The visitor was unplanned and part of a small group of LEGO minifigs I grabbed as I left for the morning. This little hooded figure was among them and by chance happened to work very well for the day, so I decided to do a little shoot throughout the gardens.

The two frost covered ones I really like and unfortunately as the minifig was travelling in my pocket throughout the day it got progressively more covered in dust and lint. Note to self for next time – bring supplies to clean up the minifig before each shot.

Best part of frosty morning...

Across the grassy plains...

Reached the snow line?

Flowers taller than me!

These plants aren't friendly...

Climb the mighty flower spire!

Through the brush

Lost in the forest

So pretty!

Climb the cliffs back to home


Best Photos Of 2013

Happy Bee
This year has been, well a quiet one for me and my camera. I’ve taken thousands of photos but not a hell of a lot I’m happy to share. But still it’s that time of year where the very excellent Jim Goldstein runs his popular “Your Best Photos from 2013” blog project and I still have a few photos I want to show off.

First one above is of a stupidly happy bee completed covered in pollen from the many flowers available to be feasted on in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Garden.

Flash mesmerised spider
Jumping spider being temporarily blinded by a ring flash. This year is the first time I’ve used a ring flash and there’s still a lot for me to learn here.

Large Butterfly
I spent a long time chasing this butterfly around until it finally landed to give me a clear shot.

Spider hiding in a cacti flower
Spider hiding within the petals of a cactus flower.

Moth waiting it out
Small moth hanging out on some purple flowers.

Spider having lunch
And finally a jumping spider enjoying lunch. I was very pleased with this shot as it was a very blustery day and many months before I had the ring flash.

Finally in an effort to bring back some creativity and inject some new ideas into my photography I’ll be doing a 365 project for 2014. It may well drive me insane but at least it should be entertaining. No specific theme, just an excuse to keep myself in the game.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Jim Goldstein’s blog for when he publishes the list of participating blogs as many excellent photographers send in some utterly amazing work.