52 Critters: Critter #8 – Eastern Water Dragon

Eighth critter as part of the 52 Critters project:

Common Name: Eastern Water Dragon
Scientific Name: Physignathus lesueurii
Critter found at: Roma St Park Lands, Brisbane, Australia

I’m not having a lot of luck on the 52 Critters Project at the moment – a combination of not getting any shots I really like and the cooler winter weather in Brisbane seems to be keeping most of the critters asleep.

The cooler weather did however enable me to get up close and personal with this Eastern Water Dragon that was sunning itself and not terribly inclined to run away.

Eastern Water Dragons are exceptionally common in the parks of Brisbane where their main job seems to be scaring tourists. Whilst dangerous looking they are mostly harmless, only really lunging if they think they can get some food or if it’s mating season and they are feeling particularly territorial.

52 Critters: Critter #7 – Common Crow Butterfly

Seventh critter as part of the 52 Critters project:

Common Name: Common Crow Butterfly
Scientific Name:  Euploea core
Critter found at: Roma St Park Lands, Brisbane, Australia

By far one of the most commonly seen butterflies in the Brisbane region the Common Crow is also one of the easiest to photograph as it is far less flighty than others. This is mostly due to the chemical defences it employees when attacked which makes it exceptionally unpalatable to any would be predators.

Oddly however despite these butterflies being quite prevalent I have not had the chance to photograph their caterpillars.

52 Critters: Critter #6 – Golden Orb-Weaver

Sixth critter as part of the 52 Critters project:

Common Name: Golden Orb-Weaver
Scientific Name: Nephila plumipes
Critter found at: City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane, Australia

Golden Orb-Weaver’s are something of an iconic spider in Brisbane (and Queensland in general) being one of the commonly visible spiders around. The females are exceptionally large (such as the one above which was roughly the size of my hand) and build incredibly large and strong webs.

There are three species Golden Orb-Weavers in Queensland and I’m reasonably certain I’ve correctly identified this one. If anyone thinks otherwise please let me know.