Photo Challenge Year

This project has three tiers of goals:

First Tier

  • Enter at least six (6) photography competitions in 2011

Done: 3/6

Second Tier

Done: 8/20

Third Tier

  • Complete at least ten (10) other photography challenges in 2011

Done: 4/10


Well here we are at the end of 2011 and I unfortunately did not meet my own set of challenges. Considering the challenges of the year (quit my job, spent quite a lot of time finding a new one) I didn’t do too badly but still not as well as I had hoped.

3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Year

  1. Beez_baker says:

    The important thing is you tried, and you have some brilliant ideas! I love the idea of challenging yourself. I am biting the bullet this year and going to try to make my passion of photography a business. Good luck to you in 2012 whatever you decide to do

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