365 Ideas

This project grew out of the 365 Before Thirty project. I was looking for ideas to keep the project and it occurred to me that there are lot of people out there looking to do a photo-a-day project in need of ideas. So the request went out for ideas. Lifehacker AU also kindly posted my request resulting in more ideas. As they come in more will be added here.

Want to add your ideas? Leave a comment, hit me up on twitter or post your idea to twitter using the #photo365ideas hashtag.


  • Black & White landscapes (think Ansel Adams)
  • Fast motion
  • Macro shots
  • Pinhole photography (keep the last Sunday of April free for this one)
  • Fisheye (expensive lens for a limited real world use – consider hiring)
  • Tiltshift
  • Long exposure
  • Double exposure
  • Aerial photography (think balloons, kites, rockets and cheap cameras)
  • Time lapse (check out this guide from Photojojo)


  • Music festivals
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Sailing regatta
  • Flea market
  • Aquariums
  • Your own garden
  • Abandoned buildings (be very very careful & respect your local trespass law)
  • Museums (check before using a tripod)


  • Doors (as in the opening in walls not the band)
  • Storms
  • Gates
  • Bats at dusk
  • Campfires
  • Stained glass windows (can be tricky)
  • Birds
  • Plants/Flowers
  • Food
  • The moon
  • Graffiti/Urban art
  • Shuttle/rocket launch
  • Smoke/Fog


  • Your daily routine
  • Travel diary
  • Your state/country (culture/food/places etc)
  • Growth of something over time (your hair, a plant, your kid etc)


  • Digital Photography School – an excellent site for beginners to advanced users. Forums are great and give the weekly assignments a go.
  • Photojojo -Lots of good articles on not only taking photos but what to make with them after.

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