Taking A Little Walk

Traipsing through the frost

After a long hiatus from taking photo walks I finally got my gear together over the last weekend and set off on a nice frosty morning to the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens with a little visitor.

The visitor was unplanned and part of a small group of LEGO minifigs I grabbed as I left for the morning. This little hooded figure was among them and by chance happened to work very well for the day, so I decided to do a little shoot throughout the gardens.

The two frost covered ones I really like and unfortunately as the minifig was travelling in my pocket throughout the day it got progressively more covered in dust and lint. Note to self for next time – bring supplies to clean up the minifig before each shot.

Best part of frosty morning...

Across the grassy plains...

Reached the snow line?

Flowers taller than me!

These plants aren't friendly...

Climb the mighty flower spire!

Through the brush

Lost in the forest

So pretty!

Climb the cliffs back to home