Day 169 – Serendipity

Seems to be posing

Day 169 of the 365 Before Thirty project – Was walking home spacing out and not really looking for anything to photograph when I spotted a bright yellow flash on a plant beside the path. Turned out to be this stunning yellow moth just resting there. I took a few photos as it sat on the plant when it took off and landed on my hand and simply stayed there.

Took quite a few more shots after which it started to beat its wings without taking it off. It did this for a good minute and a half during which I took even more shots before it took off. Whole experience was pretty amazing.

Bonus pics: On the plant, on the hand, staring directly into the camera and waiting to achieve take off.

On the plant

More posing

Face on to the camera

Waiting for takeoff

5 thoughts on “Day 169 – Serendipity

  1. Pen says:

    These are great!

    The second last one is my favourite; it looks like it’s staring directly into the lens.

  2. Hey,
    Great photo! I love the story behind it too. Macro is great because you have to get outdoors and commune with nature. I went to New Farm Park yesterday and took a few macros similar to your purple leaves one with the green grasshopper, inspired! I love macro but found it hard to get the whole insect in focus. You have a Canon hey? What lens do you use? I read on Twitter about the laser rig, WOW!

  3. @Eloise
    Nope – Olympus E-30 is my weapon of my choice. I have two macro lens – a 35mm and a 50mm – these shots were all done with the 50mm macro lens.

    Getting used to focus points with the macro is frustrating but rewarding since millimetres movement can break it.

    These photos were shot by hand – trick is to take a lot of shots to compensate for small movements. For more static scenarios you really want a good tripod and lockable head

  4. These are amazing shots! How fortunate you are to have had such beautiful little creature land on you and allow you to photograph it! Just marvelous!

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